Brian Taylor Custom Tattooing
when sending me a message keep in mind it is a quick way to get in touch with me and set up a consultation or if you have questions regarding when ill be at the shop or my hourly rate.
please DO NOT ask me how much your tattoo will cost and how long will it take. before you send me a message please read the following.

1. you must come to the shop for a consultation. i do not do them via email.

2. i require a 60 dollar deposit to draw anything. depending on the size of the drawing the deposit may be more. deposits are non refundable.

3. i charge $150 an hour.

4. the over all price for your tattoo is based on time. how detailed it is, how big and where its going on your body all play a factor in the price and time it takes to complete the tattoo.

5. i wont tattoo you at your house.

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